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SC Majutex SRL

Established in 1991, SC Majutex SRL is a private company with 100% romanian capital and manufactures fabrics, vertical blinds, roller blinds, with the possibility of applying special treatments for fabrics.

With a production capacity of 60,000 linear meters of fabric per month, 32 employees and a production area of 1,500 square meters, we fulfill for more than 20 years our promise to satisfy in a professional manner our clients requirements, creating and strengthening authentic partnerships based on respect, transparency and trust.


Dl. Mihai MancasiOur history begins in 1991, when Mihai Mancasi, having an experience of 30 years as technical director of Victoria Iasi Silk Factory, established SC MAJUTEX SRL, producing silk fabric using looms with spool. Soon afterwards new fabrics have been patented: the crepe, with sanding appearance alongside with those who change color depending on the angle from which the material is viewed.

Thus, in the first two years, SC Majutex SRL positioned itself in top seven companies in Iasi considering the turnover level.

With true vision and passion for innovation, Mihai Mancasi designed and built, between 1995-1998, several machines for manufacturing vertical blinds, becoming the only producer in Romania, status maintained even today. In addition, the company started in 1997 to perform special treatments for the fabrics brought by its customers (waterproofing, fireproofing, sanding, coating, stainproof, antistatic, anti-acid and others), and in 2007 restarted the manufacture of various types of fabrics (polyester, viscose, polyamide, cotton, blends).

Nowadays, our company can manage the entire production flow of fabric from the weaving section to the finishing strokes; fabric quality is assured by performing machines, such as warping machine Taiana, weaving machines Somet Thelma Excel and Nuovo Pignone, drying frame Bruckner heat, dyeing machine pressure MCS Calemard cutting machine, dispenser Hansa Mixer, Unitech scraping machine, calender RAMISCH Kleine Wefers.

We are proud to say that our products can be found all over Romanian country and that we are able to apply any treatment on any fabric.

2014 will mark the start of a project financed by the European Union, amounting to EUR 1.5 million, meant to improve the technology for obtaining technical fabrics and textile bands for vertical blinds.

Majutex™ TEAM

Having the desire to find solutions and to get involved, the courage to take risks in order to succeed and the effort to become better each day, Majutex team is strong and united.

The passion and professionalism of the founder Mihai Mancasi were shared by his son, Iulian Mancasi, who has joined the company in 1994. Iulian Mancasi is a graduate of Textile Faculty, Spinning and Weaving Department, with a doctorate in textile finishing. In 1995, Corina Mancasi, who graduated Textile Faculty, Clothing Department and the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, took the economic and financial responsibilities related to optimal functioning of the company.

2003 brings a new team member, Ionela Mititelu. With excellent communication skills, valued by our clients many times, she takes our customers orders and is in charge with primary bookkeeping.

Robert Jigoranu, in early 2006, completes Majutex™ team as commercial director. Graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration with a Master in European Economics and prior experience in marketing, Robert Jigoranu masterfully handles sales activities, procurement and quality assurance. For eight years, his skills, developed continuously, support a better positioning of our company on the market.

We work closely with a team of 33 other members, whom we are grateful for their daily effort so that our clients' requirements in terms of quality and delivery time are satisfied in a professional manner.




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