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At present moment, our company has full production flow of the fabrics from the weaving section to the finishing section, quality being assured by using performing equipments and top raw materials.

By implementing the latest technologies, we are able to reproduce any fabric in the smallest details regardless of grammage, color, wire treatment. In addition, the production capacity of 60,000 ml of fabric per month allows us to fulfill in time of all our customers’ orders.


TYPES OF FABRICS manufactured by Majutex™:

  • Linings - various weights and colors
  • Tent material - waterproof, with a high resistance to tearing and ripping
  • Fabrics used for the manufacture of garden products, sunscreen systems, items for camping or beach
  • Ripstop fabrics
  • Fireproof fabrics
  • Laminated fabrics - waterproof and breathable
  • Polyester fabrics - different weights
  • Fabrics PNA – DRALON
  • Polyamide fabrics
  • Antistatic fabrics
  • Waterproof fabrics
  • Transfer printed fabrics (printed paper through the printing process, PVC or Al foil)
  • Reflecting fabrics
  • Blackout fabrics

We kindly invite you to contact us in order to send you our catalog with samples of fabrics.


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