Nowadays, our company can manage the entire production flow of fabric from the weaving section to the finishing strokes; fabric quality is assured by performing machines, such as warping machine Taiana, weaving machines Somet Thelma Excel and Nuovo Pignone, drying frame Bruckner heat, dyeing machine pressure MCS Calemard cutting machine, dispenser Hansa Mixer, Unitech scraping machine, calender RAMISCH Kleine Wefers.

Majutex™ provides the following services:

  • warping, in case you already have the necessary wire, but you do not have the appropriate equipments;
  • dyeing, using an under pressure dyeing equipment at 130°C for polyester fabrics or on jigger for cotton or polyamide fabrics. Implemented technology gives us the possibility to dye any type of fabric with any color required;
  • degreasing, for fabrics with different dirty stains that cannot be easily removed;
  • finishing, applying treatments to your fabrics;
  • transporting the fabrics to desired location, using fast transportation services or our own transporting vehicles;
  • printing, using performing equipments;
  • fabric cutting at certain dimensions;
  • conseling, meant to identify the appropriate solutions for your company's needs.

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