Majutex has the necessary technology for dyeing any type of textile material. Both natural fibers, synthetic fibers and blends can be dyed in our dyeing facility.

We own Jigger machines at atmospheric pressure, which allow us to prepare and dye fabrics that do not require a temperature above boiling-100 degrees Celsius.

We are also experts in HTHP (high temperature high pressure) dyeing technology, with Jiggers with autoclave, which can go up to 140 degrees Celsius, for dyeing synthetic fibers.

We can reproduce any color desired by the client, on any woven structure, either based on a sample or based on a color code. We also adapt the dyeing recipes according to the destination of the finished product, taking into account the risk factors to which it is to be exposed (ex.: in the case of umbrellas, the resistance to UV radiation must be increased).

We have been working closely with the Swiss company CHT Bezema for over 20 years, which is the main supplier of dyes and auxiliary products of Majutex.