Jacquard fabric is a type of fabric whose binding technique differs from the classic one by independent control of a large number of warp yarns. Thus, complex patterns can be reproduced on the surface of the fabric, both from a chromatic point of view (maximum 6 colors) and from a structural point of view.

The width of the Jacquard fabrics varies between 160 and 190 cm, and the pattern ratios are 35 centimeters wide.

Regarding the composition of the Jacquard fabrics we offer,these can be made entirely of polyester (100% PES), as well as blends of cotton and polyester(polycotton).

Jacquard fabrics also benefit from the special treatments(coatings) in our portfolio (waterproofing, dyeing, lamination, etc.).



  • We have state-of-the-art electronic Jacquard looms, which allow us to weave in ratios of maximum 35 cm (Bonas Jacquard mechanisms, Picanol looms).
  • Through specialized software we can reproduce and improve any design / logo / model.
  • We offer fabric simulations in advance,to increase production efficiency.


  • Home design (curtains, tablecloths, table runners, pillows)
  • Religious field (priestly clothes)
  • Hospitality (tablecloths, table runners, pillows, placemats, customizations)
  • Upholstery