A strong point of Majutex is its lamination line. Advanced laminating technology gives us the ability to laminate a wide range of membranes on our fabrics(PTFE,PE,PU etc.).

Whether it is a bilaminate or a trilaminate , we have the solution for any application. We use polyurethane-based adhesive, which gives the laminated product increased resistance to moisture and prolongs its life.

The adhesive is deposited in the form of dots, in order to maintain, if necessary, the breathability of the laminated product.



  • Laminates are distinguished by characteristics clearly superior to coated, hydrophobic or untreated fabrics. They offer the perfect balance between interior temperature regulation and humidity protection.
  • Features such as high breathability indices, resistance to hydrostatic pressure or high air impermeability add value to the finished product.
  • The membranes used are found in bilaminated structures or in trilaminated structures (the membrane is between two woven structures).
  • We use both breathable and fireproof membranes (fireproof). The membranes used are purchased from the largest manufacturers and are certified by international organizations.


  • Military equipment
  • Sports equipment
  • Medical equipment