At present, we have the technology that allows us to apply a new type of treatment against UV radiation, a treatment that gives the fabric thermal resistance (it does not allow sunlight filtering or heat retention).

The characteristics of the special treatments are configured separately for each request received from the clients. We are at your disposal to identify the optimal solution and to carry out appropriate treatments.

Tratamente Speciale

Types of treatments

Majute offers customers the opportunity to choose different types of treatment applied to fabrics:

  • Skinning
  • hydrophobic / oleofobizare
  • permanent and non-permanent fire retardant
  • bleach
  • sizing
  • sanding
  • anti-fouling – fluorocarbon treatment
  • antistatic
  • antiulei
  • antacid
  • anti UV
  • antibacterial
  • fluorescent
  • PU film (polyurethane)
  • Laminating with acrylic polymers
  • filming with pearl and metallic acrylic polymers
  • Breathable foam film
  • lamination with breathable membrane (PU and PTFE)
  • Print </ li>
  • laminating